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Less Known Benefits of Fleet Management Systems

When it comes to GPS tracking technology, there is a lot to say. GPS is basically used in every aspect of our lives and improved our quality of life. Certain industries benefit more from tracking technology such as delivery, transport and construction businesses. Most of the features and benefits are well-known such as real-time tracking, geofence zones, alerts, fuel reports, and sensors. However, there are a few features that people are not very familiar with but still very much important for fleet businesses. Let's take a look at these benefits.

When you have hundreds of vehicles and drivers on the roads, there is going to be a lot of paperwork. The less time you spend on paperwork, the more profitable you can potentially make every job. GPS fleet tracking can help you do this. As all relevant fleet information is stored in one single, web-based portal, your teams have access to the information they need, when they need it, without having to send documents back and forth. Data collected on driver start/ finish time and on-site arrival/departure time can also be used to automate key processes such as timesheets, payroll, and billing.

Safety and Security
Keeping an entire fleet of vehicles and drivers safe is a challenging task. Fleet drivers tend to ignore the rules to make their deliveries on time or vehicle break down on the roads for no apparent reason. Thieves also target fleet vehicles for their cargo and expensive company vehicles. Data gathered by a GPS solution on driver behaviour, such as speeding, aggressive acceleration, harsh braking, and seat belt use can not only be used retroactively to coach staff into safer habits, it can be leveraged proactively too. With audible in-cab alerts, drivers can be immediately warned as soon as unsafe driving practices occur, allowing them to correct behavior almost right away.

Maintained Vehicles

Maintenance plays a big role in fleet operations. Regular servicing appointments and malfunctioning vehicles keep fleet managers busy at all times. Properly maintained vehicles also spend less fuel which is one of the main expenses for a fleet business. Vehicle tracking has the potential to extend the life of your fleet vehicles in several ways. Data collected on driving style, including instances of idling and harsh braking, can be used to train drivers out of such habits, reducing wear and tear on vehicles. Location data and geofences can be used to minimize additional mileage that occurs because of personal use. Also, alerts can be set based on date, mileage or engine-on hours to allow for proactive maintenance and part replacement.

Optimizing fuel usage, keeping a healthy fleet and spending a lot less time on paperwork; these are all extremely important tasks when managing a fleet. Lowering costs and time-management is a priority for all managers and a fleet management system offers all the necessary tools to help businesses with their daily challenges. Even though some of these features are less known than others, it doesn't mean they are less important.


How to Protect Your Car From Theft With GPS

A car tracking device is one the most effective ways to protect your vehicle from theft and it can even reduce your insurance payments by saving you money. Improve your vehicle security by fitting a tracker and benefit from the peace of mind that comes with stolen vehicle recovery. The tracker also enables the owner to locate vehicles even if they are hidden in underground car parks or containers. As long as the device isn't blocked by concrete walls, car owners will always be able to locate their vehicles with extreme precision.

Car trackers are equipped with powerful tools such as real-time tracking, geofence zones, sensors and event alerts. Owners can create virtual boundaries around places when their car is frequently parked such as their garage and company parking lot called geofence zones. Every time the car tracking device enters or leaves one of the preset zones, it sends an alert to the owner notifying them about the breach. If it is an unauthorized movement, they can alert the police and inform them about the theft. 

Vehicle trackers have sensitive sensors that can prevent tampering and unauthorized movement. Motion sensors and shock sensors prevent a thief from breaking into a vehicle and alerting the owner to interfere. Another great tool to secure a vehicle is real-time tracking; even if a criminal manages to drive away with a vehicle, the owner of the car can track its exact location using only their smartphone. Real-time tracking offers a unique opportunity for car owners; the ability to recover their stolen car. No other security system on the market can guarantee the safe return of a car other than vehicle tracking systems. 

In today's world, every car is in danger of being stolen no matter their brand, make or model. Built-in security systems are constantly being overcome by experienced thieves and overall billions of dollars worth of cars are stolen every year. To have peace of mind and ensure the security of their vehicle, owners need to invest in a reliable tracking system. Even brand-new vehicles fall victim to theft, that is why car tracking devices are the best solution against theft.